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  1. Cash for Unwanted RV’S No longer in Use And will buy AS-IS
  2. Running or Not
  3. Rough conditions? No problem!
  4. Must have Key and Title.
  5. (Searching for 1998 and Newer (anything that can be driven)
  6. And also searching for 2007 anything that can be pulled by truck.
  7. Class-A Gas Job or Diesel Pusher
  8. Class-B-&-C
  9. Travel Trailer campers and toy hauler
  10. Bumper pull and 5th wheel

As long as we are both realistic, give me a chance, you may avoid listing it and dealing with Tire Kickers, and low ballers.

Interested in: Newmar, Holiday Rambler, country coach, travel Supreme, beaver, Monaco, Fleetwood, American coach, Winnebago, phaeton, allegro, sports coach, Lexington, heartland, forest river, KZ, Redwood, and more....

Send photos to 3529732239 Sebastian

Also If you know someone that may need to sell their RV, a friend or a Neighbor, send my info, I pay $100.00 for Finders Fee


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Sellmyrvfl.com takes the hassle out of trying to sell your RV. Remember that many RV buyers want one or more of the following, which are hard to offer in "for sale by owner" situations: To trade in their previous RV To finance their purchase To purchase an extended warranty to cover their purchase Not being able to offer these services reduces your potential market, increasing the time and effort you have to put in to selling and potentially decreasing the price at which you can sell your RV. Selling your RV to sellmyrvfl.com can save you from the following hassles and expenses: Marketing your RV Having to drop everything to show your RV to prospective buyers Interest while waiting for your RV to sell Repairing anything wrong with your RV Cleaning your RV and keeping it in "show-ready" condition Researching and filling out all of the correct paperwork required for selling an RV where you live Many RV buyers are limited in the quantities and types of RVs that they can purchase because of their financial position. We can buy entry level trailers all the way up to high-end Prevost buses. We have solid financial backers to ensure we have cash on hand to make quick transactions and we have the drivers on staff to help make it smooth and efficient as well. You will only deal with people empowered to make a yes or no decision so there will be no endlessly waiting on an amount for your RV, back and forth negotiations, or good cop/bad cop tactics. Give us a call or request an online quote and see how easy we can make your life.
Consigning your RV is a great way to get the best of both worlds--you can "sell by owner" but through a dealer that offers all of the services that buyers are looking for like trade-ins, financing, and warranties, which allow you to receive a higher price for your RV. The dealer also takes care of the marketing, showing, cleaning, and paperwork to eliminate the hassle for you. We have a network of dealers and can work with you to get your vehicle consigned at a high-quality dealer at a price you are happy with.
We typically buy 2007 model year and newer travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. Motorhomes include gas or diesel Class As, Bs, or Cs. If your RV doesn't fit one of these categories, still feel free to call us and we'll see what we can do.
We can generally complete the purchase of your RV within three business days. You are welcome to have as long as you need to empty your belonging. If you need your RV picked up sooner than three days, we will do our best to accommodate you. If there is no lien on the RV and the transaction is simple, we can sometimes complete the purchase in as little as 24 hours.
We can pay with a cashiers' check or wire transfer to your bank.
Yes, but you will need to provide a cashiers' check made out to us for the difference. We will wire the complete payoff to your bank.
We will wire funds for your payoff directly to your bank's payoff department and give you a cashiers' check or wire transfer for the difference.
You should contact the dealer you purchased the service contract from and ask for a refund. Your refund amount will depend on the amount of time you have left on your contract.
We have several options depending on where you live: If you are close to a dealer that we partner with, you may be able to drop it off locally. We can fly out to the nearest airport and get a taxi or shuttle to your location. We can drive a vehicle out to you and tow it back. If you would like one last trip in your RV before selling, you are welcome to deliver you RV directly to one of our drop-off locations. We will pay you extra if you decide to do that and the amount would depend on the actual distance traveled.
We will provide all the needed paperwork including a complete set of copies for your own records. We will need a copy of your drivers' license and your spouse's drivers' license (if applicable). If your RV title has a lien on it, we will need all your loan information.
If your RV is titled in a LLC or company name, we will need a copy of your articles of organization to verify you can sign for that entity. We will also need a copy of your drivers' license.
We will need a copy of your trust stating that you are the trustee of the trust. We will also need a copy of your drivers' license.
Simply let us know and we can adjust our offer to cover the damage, or you can file a claim with your insurance company and let them fix it. We can also handle most repairs ourselves and deal directly with your insurance company if you would prefer. Please save yourself from having an unforeseen adjustment to your quoted price by being upfront about any damage your RV has.
We would prefer all original equipment stay with the RV, but if you insist on taking something out, please let us know and we will adjust the price accordingly.
We can help you apply for a duplicate title, but we cannot purchase your RV until you have received the duplicate title.
Yes, we can buy RVs made by manufacturers that are no longer in business and manufacturers that are currently in bankruptcy.

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